Making a Plan for Abiding in Christ

Yesterday, I created a post on the Search Party website describing a plan that we are adopting as a team here in Catania to stay connected to the Word of God and in prayer, both individually and as a team.

Our challenge has routinely been that we knew that we needed to make time as a team for staying connected to Christ, obeying Jesus’s command to abide in him, but we have had many starts and stops in terms of how to do it.

One of my teammates introduced a simple idea to follow a Bible reading plan together, connected to a regular meeting among a few people to check in on one another and our progress.

I put the details of what we are doing over on the website. Our hope is that we can continue to expand the idea by doing this amongst the people of the churches that we are planting, the visitors that come in to work with us, and possibly even have others who are not here following along with us. We’re looking forward to seeing what God will do through his Word and Spirit as he speaks to each of us on a daily basis.

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