NoPlaceLeft Summit 2020 – Established Churches in the Work

I appreciated the stories and background from these pastors talking about how their churches started down the path of working toward a NoPlaceLeft vision. Here is a quick Table of Contents for the video:

  • Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Don Waybright – 00:25
  • Ross Ramsey – 7:44
  • Brian King – 16:35
  • JT Timblin – 23:30
  • What’s a barrier you faced in implementing NoPlaceLeft disciple-making / church planting? – 31:15
  • What would you encourage someone to do who wants to implement what they have learned with regard to NPL or help their church catch the vision? 36:45
  • Can you share a story from the harvest, something you have seen God do? 39:45
  • If you had to do it again, what would you do differently? 45:20
  • As pastors in established churches, what encouragement or challenge would you give to someone else in your shoes? 48:45
  • Common objection: Can we trust individuals who you are releasing to not become heretical? 52:50

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