The first and last stories of Luke 18 are stories of persistence. In the first story, Luke says that Jesus was teaching his disciples to keep praying and never give up so he tells a story of a woman who is persistently pleading for justice to an unjust judge. He explained that even the unjust judge, just so that he can save himself from a widow, one of the weakest, and possibly least-valued, people in the society is concerned about himself, and so he will respond to the woman’s request and give her what she wants because of her persistence.

Then, at the end of the chapter, we see that a blind man heard that Jesus was passing by. He called out for Jesus to have mercy on him, but the crowd told him to be quiet. Ignoring them, he called out even louder for Jesus to have mercy on him.

But he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Luke 18:39

So Jesus stopped and asked the man what he wanted him to do for the man, as if it wasn’t clear enough already! The man wanted to see and so Jesus gave him his sight.

We learn here that God wants to hear from us. He intends and expects that we remain dependent upon Him. He wants us to call out to Him, to invoke Him and ask Him to intervene. And He will. Sometimes it won’t be in the timing that we want. Sometimes it will. Infrequently, at least in my experience, it will be what we expected. Frequently, at least in my experience, it will be even better than what we expected.

Let’s call out to God and depend upon Him for what we need. Everything we have comes from God and we can go to Him, to the source, to receive what we need if we are persistent.

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