Trails on Mt. Etna and the Surrounding Area

I am wanting to start gathering more information and experiencing further some of the trails on Mt. Etna.

One reason is just to be able to get out more and experience more of the beauty of the area where we live. Another is that we would like to start being able to go together with other people on bike rides as part of Agape Bici, so we are needing some further information on where we can go and how difficult it will be for people should we take them there.

I want to start cataloging some of the trails and some of the various resources, so here is where I started this morning. I will try to come back on a regular basis and update this post with additional information and resources as I find them.

Sentieri – Parco dell’Etna – This page is from the official Parco dell’Etna website and lists a few of the more well-known trails around Mt. Etna. The page is written in Italian.

Trails hiked from this page:

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