In Genesis 49, Jacob (now Israel) is declaring blessings over his sons. In reality, it seems that he is prophecying over them as some of his blessings might actually considered instead to be curses for the sins that his sons had committed, but in any case, he is looking to the future for what would become of each of his sons and their descedants.

In one of the prophecies in particular, at the end of his declaration of Dan, Jacob calls out to God for salvation. He says:

I look for your deliverance, LORD.

Genesis 49:18

This word “deliverance” in the NIV translation was originally, in the Hebrew, the word “yeshuwah”. This is the same word from which the name Jesus is also taken. Jacob is calling out the name of Jesus saying that he is looking forward to Jesus’s coming to offer salvation and deliverance for his people!

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